Thursday, 23 April 2015

11 Things You Will Want to be aware of Before You Choose Moving Companies

1. Be wary of a low estimation.
A dishonest mover will give you a low estimate. On the day of the move, he'll stroll about your home and state, "Oh, most of these things need to be packed." And then he'll almost certainly charge you an overpriced amount to get it done. Or he may state, "Gee, we are going to have to take your bed apart." And then he will add on another preposterous charge.
In order to avoid this from transpiring, make sure you are as comprehensive and straight up about every single box and furniture item. For those who have time, ask the moving companies to come to your house for a quotation. They may want to do the walk-through over the telephone, however, you may get screwed if you go down that path. If you've got furniture pieces which needs to be taken apart and reassembled, they must be part of your written price quote - and the crew is in charge of bringing the right wrenches and tools. And when you receive your end invoice, check it thoroughly for any unusual expenses.

2. Make sensible selections.
Your biggest nightmare is getting hooked up with an unlicensed moving service. He not only lacks insurance, but also workers' comp. If one of these guys trips and falls down your steps with a heavy piece, get out your chequebook, my friend.

3. Arrange your move intelligently - if you're able to.
Late May through August is jampacked with folks aiming to move, therefore it is not a great time. The best time is around Xmas.

4. Consider specialised moving services.
Anyone can move a piano or a snowmobile. However if you have museum-quality artwork, bring in the people with the white gloves.

5. Deal quickly with "untrustworthy" moving services.
When your movers turn up and you have a terrible feeling about them - say they said a thing that wasn't right or they simply appear a little rough - keep a few things in mind. This is a tough business of hard physical labor, thus don't judge a book by its cover, so to speak. If it is an issue of inappropriate behavior, get on the phone in two seconds with a manager. And do it before anything's on the truck.

6. Protect your things.
If you do not like the way the movers are managing your things, be clear. Say, "Hey, you're making me nervous." If they're hurling stuff around or are sloppy, you stop the job. Notify your estimator that you do not know what's happening, however he will have a claim for damage if things don't improve. He'll send a supervisor out there, pronto. No reliable mover wants a problem.
Bear in mind the contents of boxes you pack yourself are not covered for damage or loss, therefore be sure you pack them as well as you can. With regards to valuable items like jewellery or small electronics, you ought to move those yourself. Let's just say, some things could possibly get "misplaced."

7. Keep watch over the clock.
But don't fret too much about it if it seems like they're "wasting time." Lots of people have an unrealistic expectation of the time it will require. Folks have complained that they paid for three movers, however they only see two guys moving items. Where is the third? He is on the back of the truck wrapping and packing. No crew wants to dog the job. They want to go back home, take a seat, and have a beer.

8. Be careful about your own behavior.
Certain movers might "punish" clients for rubbing them in the wrong way. Should they sense they've been mistreated and disrespected, they'll want to get away from the bad client and get the move done quickly. They'll end up placing a lot more boxes in the garage than there need to be and quietly mumble, "Let them lug 'em in the house by themselves." As an added twist, they will flip over the boxes so you can't see the labels to see what's inside them or where they're going. The worst thing you could do during a move is be dismissive, treat the workers like dirt, and not allowing them to make use of your bathroom.
As soon as the movers gets there in the morning, let them know right off that you will get them lunch. Occasionally guys on the crew don't have the cash or the time. This tiny gesture could lift the whole spirit of the move. Additionally, be prepared as soon as the movers arrive. Be totally packed. Then, please stay out of the way.

9. Look out for hidden inflated expenses.
The bandit mover might start incorporating items that is not on your price quote. He will impose a fee for each moving pad - pads are free of charge, by the way - and then $4 to tape the pads to the furniture. Or they may state certain items all of a sudden require special boxes. And guess what? They're $12 each.

10. Be careful of cash-only dealings.
That isn't a red flag, that's a "run away!" Bear in mind: You can't put a stop to cash. You can halt a credit card.

11. Follow-up with a complaint.
If you're unlucky to have something go wrong throughout the move and the mover doesn't deal with the complaint, make a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. It will lower his rating and cause harm to his business. After that, take him to small-claims court. No moving service in his right mind wants to stand before a judge who probably has had 2 bad moves in his lifetime.

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