Tuesday, 13 August 2013

International Shipping - Freight Safety Information

The United States gets to be more of a melting pot each and every year this suggests that more U.S. individuals are mailing and acquiring packages from overseas. Every country has rules for international shipping. To make sure that their packages are delivered quickly and in the most efficient manner possible, shippers should learn and stick to the requirements.

Safety is Top Priority in international Shipping

Trustworthy carriers place a top priority on safety when shipping packages internationally. When using the United States Postal Service (USPS), a transporter must not place a package that weighs greater than 13 ounces into a USPS collection box, self-service kiosk, lobby drop, or other unwatched USPS position. if ever the package remains in a mailbox, it will not be grabbed. If it's dropped in to a lobby drop or collection box, it will likely be returned to the shipper.

Before posting international mail, shippers should verify that the drop-off position accept it. A piece of mail without a completed customs declaration form needs to be presented to a representative at a U.S. Post office location even when the package has postage stamps on it. This includes mail bound for APO/FPO/DPO addresses for military troops stationed overseas.

International Shipping Rules and Restrictions

Many shippers don't realize that there are rules for that which may and may not be mailed in the USPS and a lot of major carriers. The USPS will never mail alcohol therefore, if a shipper makes use of a box that beforehand contained alcohol, all labeling is required to be taken away from the container before mailing. Perfume that contains alcohol can not be shipped internationally so when it is shipped domestically, it can't be sent via air.

Only an organization registered with the U.S. Drug enforcement administration can ship medicines. For some over-the-counter medicine, similar restrictions apply so shippers should really check prior to mailing. Shipping packages the proper way reduces delivery time and with medications this can mean the gap in between life and death.

Although an unloaded shotgun or rifle may be eligible for mailing, it can be susceptible to many shipping regulations. Only a licensed supplier or manufacturer is able to mail or receive a handgun. Although it is far less risky from an explosive standpoint, perishable matter is subject to rules and restrictions and in most situations a substance fitting this description may not be mailed internationally. Shippers should contact their carrier services to determine whether their international shipments are restricted or prohibited.

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